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2019 peer assignments

Peer Assignments. 

All Peers will shoot Sunday Morning 7-21. Please be at registration in time to be at the tent 5 min before your shooting time.  We can not hold the shoot up if your late. If you do not show up for your scheduled time you will forfeit your championship score. 


Jasper Shafer

Jace Walthers 

Logan Glassburn

Matt Haney

Jasmine Shafer 

Fiona Miller 

Jennifer Little 

Jessica Baessler


Luke Todd

Gary Watts 

Rob Stoltz

Talon Harper

Mike Spray

Marvin Hundley 

Jacque Mckee

Debbie Rockhold 


Derek Ballengee 

Andrew Chamberlain 

Jim Ryman 

Luke Harris 

Mike Baesslerler 

James Harbolt

Will Stevenson

Phill Turske 


Scott Crawford 

Gerald Zamrzla

Andy Oney

Bill Harper 

Denton Guthrie 

Harrold Mobley 

Brian Pulliam 

Brian Thompson 


Randy Miller

Zach Yingst

AJ Mcneal 

Phil Deschner 

Dan Sherman

Matt Sharp Senior

 Gary Westfall

Jeremy Kunsman

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